Shame on the San Diego County Taxpayers Association

Why would a taxpayer association support an increase in your taxes during a recession?  It's a very good question and one that deserves an answer. 

There is a big difference between a grass-roots group like Stop Taxing Us, and an established organization such as the San Diego County Taxpayers Association.   Part of the difference is in governance and membership.

Check out their membership page.  Scroll to the bottom and you will notice the first big difference.  Their cheapest listed membership is $50 and comes with restrictions.  Their business memberships start at $500/year. 

Membership in Stop Taxing Us is FREE.  We don't count on money to create change, but rather on individual activism.  When we opposed (the third) Tri-City hospital bond we relied on individual activism and a budget of approximately $2K.  Our opposition had a budget over $1 million and some "powerful" political consultants.  Individual activism won. 

Next, take a look at their 2012 Board of Directors. Now take a look at ours.  Not all of our board members are listed.  Some prefer to live outside the public view, and technically, Richard Rider is mentor/adviser (and a darn good one).  

There is a big difference between our Boards.  Under each of their Board Member names is a business.  Now analyze those business names, some are not obvious, and you will notice something very important.  Many of those businesses are in our related to the construction industry.  In short, their own website creates the distinct impression that the San Diego County Taxpayers Association is a BUSINESS association. 

In contrast Stop Taxing Us is an association of INDIVIDUALS.  This might explain why their association is so good at opposing business taxes, but when it comes to school bonds, they support many.  At this writing, they are supporting 5 of 6 schools bonds on the November 2012 election. 

Yep, the San Diego County Taxpayers Association, is a pay-to-play organization where the construction industry is well represented on their Board.  So when they support a school bond, they are supporting a MASSIVE wealth transfer from you to the construction industry.  This is known as CRONY Capitalism.  We oppose this.  Always have, always will and there are many other reasons we oppose these bonds. 

Check back frequently because we will have more blogs exposing the inherent conflicts of passing school bonds. 


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