Wes Benedict: Republicans Are Tricking Tea Party Activists

Wes Benedict, Executive Director of the Libertarian National Committee was our guest on the Stop Taxing Us Podcast today. 

The Libertarian Party warned tea party activists about the spending record of the Republican Party last week:
Looking toward the 9/12 Tea Party events in Washington, DC,Libertarian Party executive director Wes Benedict issued the followingwarning to Tea Partiers: “Republicans are trying to fool you again.”

“There are two kinds of Tea Partiers,” said Benedict. “One kind is soblinded by its hatred of Obama and Democrats that it cannot see faultwith Republicans. It’s the other kind the Libertarian Party is reachingout to.”

Libertarian Party staff and volunteers will participate in theWashington, DC Tea Party events on September 12. They will distributeflyers pointing out how the Top 10 Disasters of the 2009-2010 Obama administration mirror the Top 10 Disasters of the 2001-2008 Bush administration.

Benedict continued, “Libertarians have much in common with Tea Partygoals of reducing government spending and taxes. While many Tea Partysupporters will admit that George W. Bush’s administration grewgovernment, Libertarians want to remind Tea Partiers about previousRepublican administrations that loved big government.

We saw this as a great opportunity to dive deeper into that message on the podcast.  Some of the points Wes addressed were:
  • All Republicans are not small government crusaders.  In fact, the record suggests otherwise.
  • There are structural problems with our national budget, namely Social Security and Medicare, that must be cut.
  • Immigration is a failure of domestic economic policy, not the fault of foreigners.
  • Libertarian candidates may be more ideologically palatable to tea party activists
We also discussed the candidacy of Libertarian founder David Nolan .  David Nolan opposes John McCain in the Senatorial race in Arizona.  Benedict pointed out that McCain is the prototypical "big government Republican", who voted for TARP, among supporting other government expansion bills.


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